Our Business

To create “Beautiful the future”; through the waste recovery and recycling, we are developing various businesses. The construction of the recuperative system that becomes the foundation to say nothing of a safe, used food oil and fish an ilium, etc. safe, prompt collection and recyclings is skillful.

In the construction of the recuperative system, all members with whom it relates should have the advantage. We propose the best recuperative system for the customer through the collaboration in the industry various of the type of business.

It has business relations with about 800 companies in the history of 30 years or more though we are small companies, and trust is obtained.

I want to be necessary all over the world now, and to encourage the overseas deployment of “Construction of the recuperative system”; to recycle waste enthusiastically in the future.

Company Profile

PRESIDENT & CEO Naoki Semboku (仙北 直樹)
HEADQUARTER 3-18 Oto-Shimogawara, Hanadate, Daisen-shi, Akita
014-0001, JAPAN
Tel:+81-187-63-4020 / Fax:+81-187-73-8017
ESTABLISHED April 24, 1981
CAPITAL 10 million yen
NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES 8 (as of May 2013)
  • Used Cooking oil Recycling & Consulting
    • for feed, product raw material, and biofuel.
  • Food waste Recycling & Consulting
    • Ilium of fish, beef cattle, pork pig and fats for feed.
  • Lard products
REVENUE 70 million yen (May 2016)
HISTORY 1974 “Omagari oils and fats” are established Founder Shigeyuki Sasaki. The lard manufacturing and the collection of the stock raising by-product begin.
1981 Institutionalization as for Omagari oils and fats. Used Cooking oils and fats recycling business is begun.
2004 Fish ilium recycling business is begun.
2008 New premises and the factory are constructed at the present place.


Please contact interested person in the investment in our company from the contact form us. The proposal is always accepted.